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  4. Jan 18,  · Speculation is that they are called that because they follow the sun like a dog follows its master. Sundogs (or sun dogs) are also referred to as mock suns or phantom Kim Ann Zimmermann.
  5. The colors usually go from red closest to the sun, out to blue on the outside of the sundog. Sundogs are also known as mock suns or parhelia, which means "with the sun". Sun Pillars: Sun Pillars appear as a shaft of light extending vertically above the sun.
  6. Jan 20,  · A sundog (or sun dog) is a bright, rainbow-colored patch of light that occurs on either side of the sun when it is low on the horizon—just after sunrise or before sunset, for instance. Sometimes, a pair of sundogs will appear—one on the sun's left, and another on the sun.
  7. Sun dog, atmospheric optical phenomenon appearing in the sky as luminous spots 22 degrees on each side of the Sun and at the same elevation as the Sun. Usually, the edges closest to the Sun will appear reddish. Other colors are occasionally visible, but more often the outer portions of each spot appear whitish.
  8. Jan 11,  · Sun Dogs. A sun dog or sundog (scientific name parhelion, plural parhelia, e.g. "with the sun") is a relatively common halo, an atmospheric optical phenomenon mostly associated with the refraction of sunlight by small ice crystals making up cirrus or cirrostratus clouds. Another term used is sunbow (an arch resembling a rainbow made by the sun shining .

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